The Significance Of Family Law Attorney

Nowadays, it is important to know about the basic laws related to family, real estate, etc. Knowing these laws can help you in any situation. Going through the blog, you will get a basic idea of a family law attorney. You will also get a clear picture of the role of lawyers in real estate, divorce cases, and other family cases.
Family law is the practice of understanding and resolving family issues. These issues might include marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, etc. Not all attorneys accept family cases. There is a separate group of family law attorneys who represent the clients. They proceed with the negotiations legally in family court. They also look after and draft property agreements for legal purposes.

Why Go To A Family Law Attorney?

Many people misunderstand that family lawyers only look after divorce cases, but here is a list of cases for which you can opt for family lawyers in detail.

Child Custody

It includes legal orders or settlements for both parties related to the child.

Even though it is considered a complicated case, it varies with each case. It depends on where the child belongs. So it is important to consult a family law attorney before adopting a kid.

Most paternity cases are filed by the mother to get the child secure support from the father.

Family laws often intersect with other domestic violence and child abuse cases.  While discussing divorce cases, is time-consuming. In order to reduce the complications, people seek advice from divorce lawyers. They can easily place the arguments into trials. Based on religion and other factors, Indian law divides the cases into various provisions. For example, Hindu citizens often go for the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. The purpose of divorce lawyer is to help the client get a divorce with the conditions they prefer.
In a mutual divorce, the lawyers have to focus on property distribution, child custody, etc. Whereas non-mutual cases will be a bit challenging for the lawyers from filing the cases to other proceedings.9

The Benefits Of Divorce Lawyers

  • Through these lawyers, you will get a clear idea of the cases. They can easily handle and guide the clients by studying well about both parties.
  • In the case of a divorce, lawyers can easily collect all the details of the properties and divide them equally between both parties. Some spouses might have joint debt. So clients can easily analyse and split the debt through them.
  • The key skill that a lawyer should have while handling a divorce case is negotiating skills. They should be confident enough to litigate and present the case in front of the court.

Now, let’s jump into real estate lawyers and learn their roles and responsibilities.

Role Of Real Estate Attorney

As you know, buying a home or a plot is considered as a great investment. Many people approach real estate agents to search for a plot, negotiate the price, and do other procedures. But seeking the help of a real estate lawyer is a better choice than using agents.

Real estate lawyers mainly focus on real estate and property sales. They check the proceedings and acquisitions of sales procedures. They also look after the land taxes, titles, estate planning, etc. Your real estate attorney must have the license to present your case to the state government.


  • The lawyers who take up real estate cases have to understand and prepare the documents based on purchasing agreements. They also focus on mortgage documents, transfer documents, etc.
  • People mostly search for an expert lawyer to handle money transactions. Lawyers are beneficial when the closing is changed and the money is transferred.
  • Even though there is staff to write policies and documents, the attorney has a great role in ensuring the paperwork and documentation of the money transfer.
  • Along with these, they can also represent the buyer or seller legally based on the cases in the courtroom. They should be able to come up with a solution that satisfies both parties.


The first step to becoming a lawyer is to get a graduate degree in law. It is a three-year course, following which you have to pass the Star bar examination. This practice exam is conducted by the state government. After passing the exam, if you need to specialise in any of the fields, like real estate, you have to focus and get trained in elective courses and internships. On the other hand, if you wish to choose divorce cases, you have to get specialized in family law.

These are the basic ideas about family law attorneys and real estate attorneys. I hope that this article has answered your doubts and questions about family law and real estate attorneys.

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