Common Legal Charges: How To Beat Them 

DUI Defense

DUI stands for driving under the influence. In simpler language, it means drunk driving. It is a severe offense in the eyes of the law. It can result in a long-term license cancellation, penalty, or even put you behind the bars. Even if you drive acceptably for some time, you never know what mishap might take place and cause heavy injuries. However, some ways can help in beating this serious charge if taken properly by a DUI defense lawyer. Let us have a glance:

Acceptable Observation Period 

Breathalyzers or breath tests are conducted to check whether there is the presence of alcohol in the person’s body or not. A proper 15-minute procedure has to be followed in order to obtain 90 percent accurate results. If it is not conducted well, the officer can be questioned and if no proof is found about a properly conducted test, the case can be put to rest.

Major Reasons For Getting Noticed

The following can be some prime reasons why you were spotted driving under the influence:

  • Problematic Driving Technique.
  • Bad Behavior.
  • Using Cussed Language.
  • Red Eyes.
  • Bad Breath.

By giving the appropriate reason for the following reasons, you can speak up for yourself in the court of justice.


Introducing A Witness

Eyewitnesses play a vital role in the final decision of the jury. Although it takes courage for a person to become a witness, it can be very beneficial for the suspect. You can induce a witness by asking someone present during the whole situation and convincing them to speak up for you.

Drug Crimes Defense 

Drug dealing or smuggling is a major offense since it can be very harmful. Involving in such activities can lead to several charges and also be very awful for one’s reputation. Drug-related activities are strictly banned all over the world. However, many individuals are still involved in the same. These severe offenses are not tolerable even if there is no involvement in hurting someone. Here are some methods that can help you as a drug crimes defense if you have ever got engaged in such activities. Let us have a look:

The Power Of Possession

Many times when police raid a room and find drugs kept in there, all the people present in the room are accused and known as suspects. Even if a person who was not involved in this activity can get charged. By proving that you were the holder of those drugs and were not aware of the happening around you, you can safely come out of the case.


Although it is legitimate for legislation enforcement to stay confidential or arrange a sting operation, entrapment happens when administrators or tattletale provoke a suspect to perpetrate a violation. The suspect contrarily would not have executed the crime.

Went Against Search And Seizure Right

The search and seizure rule is made to protect the privacy and respect of normal individuals. Unwarranted searches are seriously unacceptable in the court of justice. The charges can be dropped if you prove that your privacy was illegally invaded. It is advised to carry out such tasks by a professional.


Domestic Violence Charges Defense 

Domestic violence is an unacceptable activity at all levels. No one has the right to execute such actions. In the eyes of the law, these are severe crimes. Even in today’s world, this horrible action takes place in many areas. Many times, the criminal has to go through proper legal proceedings in order to steer clear. Here is the list of top procedures that if done wisely, can help you as domestic violence charges defense. Let us give it a quick read:

Self Defense

Self-defense is a strong and acceptable claim. If you manage to prove to the court that you have sinned but just for the sake of your good, the charges can be called off after some time.

The Victim’s Accusation Is False 

How can a victim’s accusation be fake? Domestic violence is a very serious crime and the cases can carry on as long as you would never want. Even after your claim that the victim’s story is made up and hence incorrect, you can defend against the charges. However, the proper investigation would take place, so make sure to collect proof.

Proving That You Did Not Do It 

The most common claim but acceptable one is not ratifying the sin. By proving your point with correct arguments and giving inaccurate proof, you can be free from this charge.

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