The importance of great legal cover during divorce

The divorce process is incredibly difficult, no matter who you are and the circumstances of your divorce. Not only are you emotionally splitting from a major part of your life, but you take part in a complex legal process at the same time. Having good legal cover in place in the divorce process is absolutely essential. In this article, find out more about what legal cover is and its importance throughout the divorce process.

What is legal cover?

Legal cover is the practice of having a legal expert available to you throughout the divorce process, informing you of your rights, explaining the laws relating to the divorce process, and setting out explanations of the demands and agreements between yourself and your former partner.

What are the benefits of legal cover in a divorce?

The estimated divorce rate in the UK is currently 42%, which means that a lot of people deal with the trouble of divorce. See just some of the reasons people find this process easier with strong legal cover below:

Support in court

In the event that you don’t have legal cover, you need to represent yourself in court. Whilst this is a cheaper option than getting full legal support, there are risks to this option. You have less of an understanding of court procedures than a solicitor and risk harming your case. A good solicitor is an excellent asset in court.

Full information

Being as informed as possible is essential in any legal situation. There is a wide range of different legal precedents at play regarding your assets and the way you separate from your party. Great legal cover means that you have a solicitor on hand that knows this precedent and uses it to your advantage when building a case.

Peace of mind

One of the biggest stresses of completing a divorce isn’t the technical aspect of the legal process, but the emotional struggles. The person you thought you’d take on life with side by side actively working against you in a courtroom, engaged in a legal battle for the possessions of the life you thought you’d build. A good legal team takes as much as possible out of your hand, giving you peace of mind that you’re well-represented and can focus on managing the emotional side of the case.

Why try Cordell & Cordell

If you’re looking for great legal cover in your divorce, Cordell solicitors specialise in divorce. This means that we can offer you the most up-to-date and accurate legal cover throughout your divorce, getting the outcome that you deserve and taking the uncertainty of divorce away. Give us a call today and find out more about our divorce services.

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