Seattle Criminal Defense Law Firm

Criminal charges need professional counseling if one wishes to avoid expensive fines, time in jail, and other serious convictions. A Seattle criminal defense law firm focuses and puts the knowledge and experience of their excellent advocates or attorneys on the side of the client and they get totally aggressive in their client’s defense.

Why choose one?

Here’s how a Seattle criminal defense law firm can help:

  • Strong defense practice, local knowledge about legal practices, and experience. They all are certified for practice.
  • The majority of the criminal defense advocates are active members of state associations for justice.
  • The client will receive a complete personal analysis from the attorney.
  • They provide full-time service and private investigations.
  • Everything is mentioned or carried out legally throughout a mutual contract between the attorney and the client. Hence, transparency in the process is maintained.
  • They even handle cases like DUI, FSTs, or BAC.
  • Great client support service and communication.

Area of expertise

  • Domestic violence:

If anyone makes a complaint to the police of physical assault, the aggressor is taken into custody if the police get to believe it. Everyone should remember that an arrest is not always a conviction. Contact a law firm in Seattle for an aggressive defense on the case and do not let an insignificant incident change your life in a negative way.

  • Assault and violent crime:

Irrespective of the charges against someone, the potential penalties they could face for battery, resisting arrest, any felony crime, or assault, the ultimate consequences can be very serious. The defense law firm’s aim will be to retrieve the best possible results or outcome given the circumstances, any previous criminal history, and facts. In a few cases, this might mean dropping the case completely and in a few, there might be a significant reduction in the proposed charges. It might also mean confidently pursuing an acquittal after going to the trail.

  • Reckless driving:

Do not lose the license for more than 30 days and get an analysis about what can be done by the defense law firms in Seattle. A defense advocate can help you to get through a DUI as well.

What are the roles of a defense criminal attorney?

  • Assignment of a case or taking up a case.
  • Interview the client about the case.
  • Investigating the case to acquire the possible proof for the client.
  • Analyzing the theories and tact and reviewing the prosecution’s case and evidence before submitting it to the jury.
  • Staying in contact or touch with the client or defendant throughout the case.
  • They can even assist in the process of selecting the jury.
  • Negotiating or plea bargaining with the prosecutor.
  • They have the right to fight for the client in the trial and have active trial participation.
  • The defense attorney can represent the client during the phase of sentencing if the client or defendant has been convicted by the jury or the judge or if they have accepted the plea bargain.


Attorneys in the Seattle criminal defense law firm are highly skilled and experienced with proper certification and knowledge that can help one overcome many troubles.

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