Should You Report a Minor Road Accident, Causing Negligible Damage?

Many car or motorcycle accidents do not cause much damage. Minor dents in the vehicles, some property damage, minor scratches on the body, etc., are some of the problems you may face in minor road accidents. Accidents that occur in a parking lot while parking a vehicle may also cause minor damage. If you are in this situation, you may feel confused about reporting such a minor road accident.

The decision to report a minor motorcycle accident entirely depends on the type of accident and the extent of loss it has caused to you or others. It is good to count on all the facts about the accident before taking any legal steps. Some states allow reporting or filing a claim only when someone was injured or faced a significant loss or damage. Some state laws specify a minimum amount for the damage or loss. You can calculate an estimated loss and approach the court with the help of an experienced Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.

 Circumstances for which you can report an automobile accident.

Whether it is an accident involving a car, motorcycle, bus, or another vehicle, certain things can make you eligible to file a lawsuit. Apart from this, taking some preventive measures after every accident can be helpful to you. For example, reporting the accident to the local police, seeking medical help, exchanging contact information from the other vehicle drivers present at the site, etc., are always reasonable steps.

When there are no injuries or significant damages, you should still exchange contact details with the driver of other vehicles involved in the accident and people who saw the incident. See if the other party or driver has vehicle insurance. Vehicle insurance is mandatory in most states. If there is no insurance and the vehicle driver is not cooperating, you should involve legal professionals or the law enforcement team at the site.

When the other vehicle’s driver cooperates, you can often quickly resolve the case. But there are chances to have some disputes in this scenario as well. You may seek assistance from a law enforcement team like the highway patrol or municipal police. They could help you reach a reasonable resolution by connecting you with other people who saw the accident.

The professionals investigate the case by talking to the eyewitnesses, drivers, and other related people. They look for proof like scratches on the vehicle, skid marks on the road, signs on the tires, etc. This helps them to ascertain what happened. This information can then be used to help come to a resolution.

Many people fail to call 911 and report the accident, only to later regret not doing so. Hence, it is advised to report any accident (minor as well as major) to the police.

Other than calling 911, report that accident to your insurance company.

This is one of the most common mistakes that minor accident sufferers make. There are many reasons for this, but the most common is that people assume that their insurance rates will increase as a result of the accident. The driver may also feel that everything can be resolved without bringing the insurance company into the picture.

However, thinking this way can result in harsh consequences, including hefty penalties. So, when you face any kind of road accident, minor or significant, make sure you report it to your insurance company as well. It is important to not ignore this step.

Many people have to bear the cost of several damages because of not reporting the incident. Because they failed to report the incident, when the other driver claimed injuries and other damages, the insurance company denied support. When you inform the insurance company immediately after the incident, and the driver files a claim even after months, you can get appropriate assistance.

Motorcycle accidents cause many damages and injuries, even when they are minor. Some of them appear very small in the beginning and turn major after some days or months. It is suggested to seek help from an experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer and discuss your concerns. Many internal injuries after such minor accidents start showing up after a few months. Hence, it is good to report the accident immediately after facing it. Doing this will keep you on the safer side.

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