Who Might Be At Fault In A Single-Car Accident?

Though you may commonly hear about accidents involving multiple accidents, single-car accidents are also a relevant occurrence in the United States. It may seem that in a single-car accident, the only potentially liable party is the owner of the vehicle. However, there are situations when another party may be liable for the accident. 

If you or your loved one were injured in a single-vehicle accident, it is important to get in touch with an attorney for expert legal advice. Just because you were the only one operating a vehicle does not mean you were necessarily at fault. Here is a list of the potentially liable parties in a single-vehicle road accident. 

Potentially liable parties in a single-car road accident

  • Another person. 

Even if there was no other vehicle directly involved in the accident, it is possible that someone else, like a bicyclist or pedestrian, might have caused the accident by coming in the way of the injured driver. For example, if you try to avoid the bicyclist that was coming towards you the wrong way, and you get crashed, you can potentially hold the other person liable. 

  • The car manufacturer. 

If the accident occurred due to a mechanical error in your vehicle, you can hold the car manufacturing company liable. However, it is important to consider that if it was you who did not pay attention to your car’s maintenance and something broke down while driving, you will be considered at fault. However, if a mechanical error or defect arises despite maintaining your car, then you can hold the manufacturing company accountable. 

  • Passenger distraction. 

Sometimes, the driver is so involved and distracted by the passenger/s in their vehicle that they are not fully paying attention to the road. This negligent act of the driver as well as the passenger, often results in car accidents. In some cases, drivers are held responsible because they allow themselves to be distracted by the passengers. However, in other cases, the passenger may intentionally draw the driver’s attention, causing the accident. 

  • Dangerous road and weather conditions. 

Poor road conditions like sand, standing water, slush, etc., often result in severe car crashes. One must be aware of the unpredictable nature of weather and take precautionary measures. Drivers must obey the traffic rules and drive at a safe speed so they have control of their vehicle under any existing weather conditions. 

  • The construction company. 

Single-car accidents often take place in a construction area. If the construction crew is not careful enough and leaves behind something on the road or fails to keep the area safe for passing drivers, then they will be held accountable for such accidents. 

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