What Defenses Should You Take To Avoid Domestic Violence Charges?

There occurred an incident between you and your spouse or your girlfriend and someone called the police. Rest assured that the private matter has no longer remained private. You would be required to answer to the third party now.

Mostly, domestic violence is a matter of what he said and what she said. Nonetheless, it would be unfortunate for men, as police tend to believe the woman. If you were wondering about who would become the victim and the defendant, rest assured that it would be dependent on who had called the police and who claims to have received injuries.

At times, it is not so simple. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to stay out of the system. It would be imperative that you do not let anyone tempt you to be the first one to make physical contact. Regardless of your spouse or girlfriend acting hysterically or slapping you, consider running the other way, walking out of the door, or going away. The point here is that you should do anything rather than do something that might result in police intervention.

Consider hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney to help you in such a matter. The attorney would be competent to handle your specific requirements using their experience and expertise in the arena. The DUI Lawyer should stay updated with the latest changes in the laws related to Domestic Violence Charges Defense.

What Should Be Your First Line Of Defense?

In the event, the other person is going to call the law enforcement; rest assured that your best defense would be an offense. You should call the police. Regardless of what you do, it would be imperative that you do not physically attempt to stop the other person from calling the cops. It might add another charge against you.


Find below a few domestic violence charges defense you should know.

·         You Did Not Do It

You might claim that the abuses suffered by the victim are due to another person. In such a case, your criminal defense attorney would search for adequate material to support your claim. Your attorney would look forward to determining your whereabouts, establishing a genuine alibi, and looking for evidence that determines that you were not at the scene.

·         He Or She Lied

It might be possible that your partner or spouse had fabricated the entire story. Regardless of the motive that made your partner or spouse fabricate the story, the Criminal Defense Attorney would be required to establish that the injuries on the victim should support your story and the story should be inconsistent with the crime report.

·         It Was Accidental

You do not deny your presence and the injuries received by the other person were unintentional. The DUI Lawyer would take up the defense that the entire incident was an accident. However, your attorney would be required to investigate and confirm the reliability of your version of the story.

·         It Was An Act Of Defense

To strengthen the Domestic Violence Charges Defense, your attorney would purport it as an act of defense. However, such a defense should be corroborated with adequate evidence. Your attorney would guide you about the act of self-defense before taking up this defense.

·         The Act Was Due To The Behavior Of Your Partner

You might admit to having assaulted your partner, but assert that it happened due to her temper, constant abuse, or her medical condition. As a result, the Criminal Defense Attorney would be required to assess if the prosecutor could prove anything beyond the claim made by both parties. The attorney would also be required to look for evidence about the victim tending to become violent.


·         Negative Errors Made By The Police

You might have committed the act, but due to negative errors made by the police, your DUI Lawyer would ensure to take steps to prove the misconduct done by the police.

Your success in taking up Domestic Violence Charges Defense would be dependent on how well you cooperate with your attorney. It would be imperative for you to discuss the case briefly with your defense attorney. Providing every detail upfront to your defense attorney would make the case relatively easier to handle.

It would not be in your best interest to withhold any vital or minor information from your attorney. Rest assured that it could affect the result. You might lose your job, go to jail, or lose your freedom. Therefore, you should not be complacent with your discussion with the defense attorney.

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