Knowing How Your Medical Bills are Paid After a Car Accident

A car accident can disrupt or even turn your life upside down. Even a minor accident can ruin your plans for the week, and this can become even worse if you got hurt. Because of the destructive nature of car accidents, victims are often left with financial burdens. If you have been in a car accident that caused your injury, you must see a car accident lawyer colorado springs to know what you can do to get compensation for your injuries and losses. 

Who Pays for Your Medical Bills?

How your medical bills are paid after a car crash will depend on some factors including your insurance coverage, the insurance coverage of the other driver, and Colorado’s no-fault system. The driver who’s found to cause the accident should pay for the damages suffered during it. Typically, payment is sourced through their insurance company. 

To get paid for your medical bills, file a claim with the insurance carrier of the at-fault driver. Having an attorney on your side will increase your chances of getting higher compensation for your injuries. Also, you can file a claim with your own insurance company. If the company accepts your claim, it will compensate you up to the limits of your policy. Your last option is to go through civil court and file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver. However, because this doesn’t guarantee a payout, you must consult your lawyer before you consider this legal option.

How Much the Insurance Pay?

Insurance from the liable driver will pay up to the policy limit. If your case ends through settlement, the provider will pay you an amount based on what they deem relevant. The insurance company will generally make a lowball settlement offer and pressure you to settle quickly. This is why you must have a skilled lawyer representing you. 

Who Pays for Rehabilitative Therapy?

If your injury requires rehabilitative therapy such as physical therapy or occupational therapy, you want to know who will pay for this additional expense. The cost of physical therapy may not be factored into your settlement that covers your medical expenses. Insurance providers will want to generate profit, so they want to settle low. Thus, they can usually try to reduce the costs of physical therapy or eliminate it from the equation, leaving you handling the difference. Your attorney will make sure your physical therapy costs are factored into your settlement amount. In fact, they will fight for you to ensure your settlement amount property covers any medical bills, missed work, and pain and suffering.

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