Filing for divorce in Colorado: Things to know

If you are contemplating divorce, the first step is to consider whether you can save the marriage. Sometimes, differences are irreconcilable, and a divorce may seem like an eventuality. For that, spouses need to know the Colorado Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act in-depth and discuss all relevant aspects. Regardless of your equation with your spouse, you need a Centennial divorce lawyer by your side, to protect your rights and interests. In this post, we are sharing more on things worth knowing about divorce in Colorado.

Discussing the basics

When it comes to divorce, you and your spouse will have to discuss a few things, such as –

  1. Property Division. All marital assets must be distributed in an equitable manner, as per state laws. If you owned assets before you were married, do keep that in mind. All kinds of assets will be considered for division, including real estate, personal belongings, vehicles, bank accounts, and investments. Inheritances are not counted in marital property.
  2. Spousal support. The lower-earning spouse may have the right to get spousal support, for which you will have to discuss things with your lawyer.
  3. Parental responsibilities. In Colorado, courts usually favor that both parents have joint rights and responsibilities. In other words, co-parenting is usually recommended, unless one of the parents has a history of domestic violence or abuse. You will also need to discuss child support.

Reasons to hire a divorce lawyer

Many people often wonder whether they need a divorce lawyer, especially when they are on agreeable terms with their spouse. However, the role of a lawyer is not just to argue or do the paperwork, but they are extremely important for ensuring that you don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Your divorce lawyer is your best bet for protecting your rights and interests. As and when needed, they will negotiate things with your spouse, so that a separation agreement can be discussed and finalized. At the end of the day, going to court should be your last option.

If you are hiring an attorney for your divorce, ensure that they are experienced enough. Ask questions related to their experience and expertise, and do discuss all your concerns related to the divorce and your specific circumstances. Also, check how the divorce lawyer would charge you for their work because you wouldn’t want the process to be unnecessarily expensive. Check online now to find more on top lawyers in Colorado.

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