Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Tax Attorney

Are you a taxpayer in Los Angeles who needs aggressive tax attorney representation before the state and IRS? Why should you hire a tax attorney? Are you looking for the best tax firm with a free consultation in LA?

Tax attorney.

They are trained to handle matters about income taxes. A tax attorney Los Angeles is knowledgeable about the various tax rules and regulations, giving your case an upper hand. If you hire a local tax attorney from LA, you will meet face-to-face and discuss your problem in detail. Unlike communicating using mail and phone calls, a face-to-face meeting allows you to:

  • Check and confirm their credentials.
  • Visit their offices.
  • Easily stay in contact.

California’s tax code has over 60,000 rules. It means a tax attorney in Los Angeles has the highest degree of knowledge about California’s tax code. The tax resolution process should be handled appropriately within the shortest time possible. It is easier to communicate with a local tax attorney, making it faster to clear your IRS debt. If you get poor representation, the tax resolution process will be complicated and longer. It will stress you, increase your financial hardships, and further your tax implications.

Why should you hire a tax attorney?

  1. Audit by IRS.

The process of being audited by the internal revenue service can be time-consuming and quite stressful. In such a situation, hire an experienced tax attorney in Los Angeles to give you aggressive representation before the IRS.

  1. Facing criminal charges.

Tax cases involve federal law hence, are prosecuted as criminal cases. If you are facing criminal charges, you have no option but to hire a tax attorney to represent you.

  1. Inherited property.

Are you mentioned in a will to inherit the property of someone who wasn’t up-to-date with their taxes? Hiring a tax attorney will help you claim the property and reduce expenses by filing the estate’s back taxes for you.

  1. Start of a new business.

If you are running or starting a business, you must fully understand your legal obligations. When you make mistakes while filing taxes, you end up having problems with the IRS. To minimize these problems, you will need the help of a tax attorney.

  1. During litigation.

If you are in dispute with a business or facing a lawsuit, hire a tax attorney to handle the case for you. A tax attorney is quite knowledgeable about the tax laws and regulations, giving your case an advantage.

Services offered by tax attorneys.

  1. Stop tax levies and garnishments.
  2. Release tax liens.
  3. Provide help with IRS tax audits.
  4. Settle back tax debt.
  5. File back taxes on your behalf.


If you are a resident of Los Angeles with tax problems, you must hire a local tax attorney Los Angeles to represent you. Tax attorneys offer different services like stopping tax levies, helping with IRS tax audits, releasing tax liens, and settling back tax debt. It will be easier to communicate and clear your IRS debt quickly with a tax attorney in Los Angeles if they are familiar with the tax code of California.

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