Did You Document Your Injury After An Accident?

A car accident is a serious injury that can be life-changing. It is painful for the patient and their family members to develop a chaotic situation in their life. However, it is mandatory to record and document them serially as they are the only evidence to file a lawsuit.  It is the basis on which you can claim compensation for the loss and suffering.

You know how stressful it is to get the insurance claim amount from the insurer in case of car accidents. These companies try every tactic to lower your insurance amount and incomplete documents give them the reason to do so. In such cases, Naqvi Accident Injury Law firm helps to tackle your insurance claim benefits and fight for your compensation amount

However, they need evidence of the injury. It is in the form of medical records, documents prepared by the hospitals, pre and post hospitalization bills, etc. Proper documents are legally valid in the case. If you are a prey to car accidents, here are some immediate steps that you should take to file successfully for a lawsuit. Be sure you have every moment documented before heading for a lawsuit.

Get Medical Help Immediately After Accident:
Even if it is a minor injury, do not refrain from getting immediate medical help. It is the priority that you should focus on for your health recovery. It is mandatory as small injuries can be insignificant, but delay to treat them can turn it worse. So, even if you believe that you are not severely injured, seek medical attention with documentation.

Another benefit to seeking medical help is that it establishes the fact that you were injured after the accident. This gives your case a strong base for the attorney to fight for your insurance claim. If you neglect to visit the doctor, you will have no evidence to prove any on-the-spot injury. It takes no time to prove that injury is non-relatable to the accident.

Create An Organized Medical File And Documents:
On every visit to your physician, ask them to document every medical record with details. Keep them organized and safe. Ask for copies of forms associated with your medical treatment. Your organized medical file should contain:

  • Physician reports
  • Medical bills (receipts)
  • Medical tests and report copies
  • Insurance-related documents

Handover them to your Naqvi Accident Injury Law firm attorney for detailed analysis of the case.

Maintain A Medical Journal:
Maintaining a journal will keep you aware of your present health condition. Also, it helps in tracking your mental stress/trauma that you are suffering from the accident every day. It can be anxiety, sleepless nights, confusion, restlessness, etc

Although maintaining the journal is tough and time taking, it will help you in recovering fullest compensation. The medical records that are documented give a strong pillar to your case. It helps the attorney to claim extra additional damage from the insurer.

If you believe that you are injured in an accident by someone else’s negligence, it’s your right to be compensated. Hire an attorney and fight for your justice of life.

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